About US

For the last couple of years, Alchemist Realty Ltd have been endeavoring to alter the benchmarks in aspirations of investors in real estate with a unique approach to planning and design , the group invests heavily in research and development to ensure value for money invested by its esteemed customers and stake holders.

Alchemist Realty Ltd. takes pride in introducing luxury that one can afford, relish and indulge in. We intend to provide a privileged lifestyle, tastefully created, built as per your aspirations and are committed to make you shine above the rest. Feel pleased to be a part of this exclusive world , reserved for the deserving few.

Your ideas of comfort, luxury and good taste stand personified right in front of you. Encompassing everything that you stand for, the Alchemist bring to its customers and stakeholders the benefit of years of experience thereby creating a platform, which will set standards for real estate development in India.